Hammersmith History: Caroline MacMillan – The artists of Hammersmith riverside

‘In a fit of pique Cobden-Sanderson threw all the type into the river from Hammersmith Bridge’


Father Christmas goes high-tech

Speaking in a booming voice down a crackling telephone line from Lapland in the Arctic Circle, Father Christmas reveals the history of his many names, his reliance on technology and the challenges of not waking children when delivering presents Q.…

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Recipe: Andy Needham’s Fresh egg pappardelle with Welsh saltmarsh lamb shoulder ragu

A recipe from Andy Needham, chef and owner of L’Amorosa. Fresh egg pappardelle with Welsh saltmarsh lamb shoulder ragu Serves 4 Ingredients For the ragu: 250g salt marsh lamb shoulder(de-boned and diced) 1 small red onion ½ stalk of celery,…


Yoga and sports massage at Grove Neighbourhood Centre London W6

Get into great shape with Zaz and Aska at the Grove Neighbourhood Centre. Enjoy yoga with Zaz (left): YOGA WITH ZAZ Fridays at 9.30am. Call Zaz on 07976 667 953. Enjoy sports massage with Aska (centre): INSIGHT SPORTS MASSAGE Mon…


Elliot Rowe: Why I love Brackenbury Village and Hammersmith

We ask Elliot Rowe, head of Hammersmith sales at Douglas & Gordon, what he loves about the area and why he made it is home Why did you move to Brackenbury Village? I moved from Clapham to the area more…


Bradley Cahoon: Grove Neighbourhood Centre – at the heart of the community

From pilates to painting, the centre hosts a variety of activities and events for locals. Brad Cahoon wants your suggestions to ensure it remains at the heart of the community. Your community centre needs you! When I say I work…


Caroline MacMillan: What’s in a street name?

Discover the history of family names and royal connections in your road. Location: Brackenbury Village, Hammersmith, London, W6: How often have you walked down a street and asked yourself, ‘I wonder why it’s called that?’. Hammersmith has many fascinating street names…

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Local comparative therapist: Lydia Sinforth

Eminent historian Oliver Cyriax walks the ghostly footprints of time to reveal the ancient civilisation of Bracknor Wot. Lydia Sinforth, Hammersmith’s Comparative Therapist “Imagine an affordable 500 kHz pulse rate city-mapping system that measures high-density strata on the urban floodplain,”…