Josh Pull and Will Orr-Ewing: Keystone after-school classes give children a boost

Josh Pull and Will Orr-Ewing tell us what their Keystone after-school classes can offer our kids.

What are Keystone Study Clubs?

Josh: They are small after school classes in English and Maths for students aged 6 to 11. We have been one of the leading companies providing one-to-one tutoring to children in London, but now want to use our top tutors to teach groups of up to eight children. While individual tutoring is amazingly effective for exam preparation, it is quite intensive and also too expensive for many local families. Our study clubs are a fun and affordable way for children to make tremendous progress in their numeracy and literacy.
Will: We wanted after-school learning to be invigorating. We have put a lot of thought into the way we’ve designed these lessons, and want our students to be inspired by real teachers rather than sit through endless worksheets or computer programmes.

‘Be inspired by real teachers rather than sit through endless worksheets or computer programmes.’

Why here in Hammersmith?

Will: We have been based just off Brook Green for a number of years, and we are both enthusiastic locals. Josh lives in Brackenbury Village, and I live near St Peter’s Square. We designed the Study Clubs after asking ourselves how we could make outstanding after-school support available to local families at affordable prices.

‘Study Clubs are a way of ensuring that children receive top-notch, inspiring teaching, without it costing the earth.’

How did you two meet?

Will: We met at prep school in Oxford when we were eight years old! Our friendship flourished whilst studying History together at Oriel College, Oxford, and we have jointly run Keystone since 2008. You’d have thought that we would be sick to death of each other by now. But not yet. In fact, Josh so banged the drum for the beauty of Ravenscourt Park that I followed him there just over a year ago.

Do you work with local independent and state schools and give free tutoring to children on free school meals?

Josh: Yes. We are committed to making our tutoring more affordable and so we are hoping to work with local state schools to offer scholarships to children on free school meals who would benefit from the Clubs. Any head teachers or members of Parent-Teacher Associations at local schools who are interested should get in touch. Our earliest lessons start at 3.45pm and the last ends at 6.30pm on weekdays. At £25 for a one hour lesson, it’s a good way to boost your child’s learning.

‘We like our tutors to be passionate and knowledgeable about their subjects so that they can field the most curious of questions from their students.’

Your tutors are predominantly Oxbridge graduates. What qualities do you look for?

Will: We try to choose intelligent and likeable tutors, who enjoy relating to – and setting high standards for – their students. While it is a truism that intelligence (or an Oxbridge degree) does not make you a good tutor, we like our tutors to be passionate and knowledgeable about their subjects so that they can answer the most curious of questions from their students.
Can you give us an example of a lesson and the themes you use?
Josh: Whilst maintaining the highest standards of academic rigour we are also conscious that our lessons have to be as engaging as possible. For example our Year 5 English course is based around the River Thames. The lessons range from analysing William Wordsworth’s sonnet Composed Upon Westminster Bridge to exploring themes in the Wind in the Willows.

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