Before you hit your back button, please allow us a moment to welcome you to a local website about Brackenbury locals put together by some Brackenbury locals. With a hop, skip and jump into the unknown, not to mention a wince or two of puckering trepidation, we’d like to say to those of you we’ve never met, “hello neighbour.”

Like our sister publication, the local rag of the same name, we’re a bit ragged round the edges. But please give us a chance. After all, this junk’s free.

We’re local, but unlike most local mags, which cover a seemingly endless patch, we won’t search for stories in far-flung boroughs, not because we can’t be bothered, but because that isn’t local. We won’t tell stories about misspelt tattoos in Ealing or allotment gardeners unearthing phallic brassicas in Acton, not because we can’t smile at life’s extremities, but because we want to have a laugh with people on our doorstep.

Our mission is to tell you something about the villagers who’ve been walking past your stoop for years but you’re now too embarrassed to do more than nod and smile because you don’t know their names. Well, guess what, you all have something in common: they don’t know your name either.

So, we’ll name names. But, we won’t name and shame. Like the sticky slice of heaven that is Brackenbury Village, we won’t be nasty. Nor gossipy. Okay, a bit gossipy, if you think sharing someone’s surname is gossip. We hope to tell you just enough to get you all talking. And we promise: no hacking.

We’ll feature the locals behind local places, whether they be the local butcher, baker or candlestick maker.

As well as these local institutions, we’ll tell you a little more about local characters – maybe even you if you fancy fifteen minutes of limelight.

We’ll also introduce some people from our past by unearthing a nugget or two of local history, though we’ll leave you to decide whether it’s always real gold.

If there’s anyone in particular you want to meet, please email us via the Contact form.

Please do get in touch because, as you’re about to discover, we can’t do this on our own.

With thanks and best wishes from,

Some of your neighbours.

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