Massage therapist: Aska Mucha

Interview with Aska Mucha local massage therapist

’It’s my passion’

Q. Why are you a massage therapist?

Since my teens I have always had a huge interest in the combination of Eastern and Western mind and body connection. My extensive travels, training and personal development raised it all to the surface and brought me to what I do best. It’s my passion.

Q. What happens when a client visits you?

A one to one full consultation takes place. Firstly talking through their lifestyle and ultimately their expectations and goals, along with a body assessment, all within total confidentiality. Dependent on many factors, together we then set out a treatment plan and weekly diary.

Q. How many sessions are required before a client’s condition improves?

There is absolutely no set requirement as this can only truly be measured on an individual basis. Specific injuries may require more treatments whereas a stress or anxiety related issue may well be less.

Q. How do you feel when a client tells you your treatments are having a positive effect?

My empathy and compassion for the individual is paramount to me. Seeing a boost in many elements of their lives always amazes me and makes me so thankful for what I do.

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