Monday, June 26, 2017
Brackenbury Pets

Brackenbury Pets

Brackenbury Village, Local pet, Darjeeling, cat burglar

Jo Reynolds questions local cat burglar, Darjeeling, a real cat – who burgles – for real. What's your name? Darjeeling.  You know, as in the tea...
Treacle - Brackenbury Dog

Having been a puppy star, Treacle already considers himself a well known television personality. He appeared on The Paul O'Grady Show at 12-weeks-old, co-starring...
Kaspa - Brackenbury Dog

Kaspar looks for inspiration. A Brackenbury Village dog: friendly, well-behaved, loyal. Thanks Kaspar.  
Wendy - Dog, Brackenbury Village Dog, Hammersmith W6

Wendy can be found in the dog-friendly pub, The Andover Arms, from time to time. Wendy's owner is bilingual Marisa, a voice-over artist who also...